When I Was 10

It was a summer day hanging out with my first boyfriend Gabe. It was the summer going into 6th grade and I was always a bit shy. It was hot outside and we were playing around at the apartments. Then we decided to have our kiss. I was extremely nervous to the point my mouth was so dry my tongue wasn't moist. To my embarrassment we took his water bottle and filled it up with the house behind the mangers apartment. And he broke it... so we booked it to his place. And right before we got there I was already done with my water with my mouth completely dry again. Me trying to stall I was just babbling on and on about random stuff. Then he kissed me. It was amazing. I had butterflies in my stomach and I thought I was in love:) after that, to our surprise, we found his mom watching from behind a bush spying on us. Kinda creepy haha. But anyways that was my first kiss. August 4th :)
yuppitsme42 yuppitsme42
26-30, F
Jun 20, 2012