Well, It Just Happened Recently, But I'll Never Forget :)

I'm really not the type to make the first move, so it took me a while. She had made it very clear to me that she wanted to, but i was completely and utterly terrified that i would screw it up somehow. This girl really means everything to me, and i know that i'm just some young kid, or whatever, and know nothing about life or love, but i'm sure of that.
After over four months that we'd been going out, i finally decided to go for it; i knew that it might be the last chance i get to even see her for a long time. On the last day of school, i finally kissed her, and it was perfect. I could really tell that she'd been anticipating it for a long time, and neither one of us wanted it to end. Still, minutes later, she had to leave... but not without kissing me one, or two, or three more times :)
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i hope you guys don't hate this.