Summer Love

I remember it was the end of spring, 6 years ago... It had been raining a lot those days but nature had its own charm.

I was almost finishing school, freshman year of HS and went to some competitions in the week-ends (school-related). There, I met this nice person and not long after I realized I was falling in love. It was the first time for me having these feelings for someone and felt a bit bashful and insecure. Nevertheless, after we came back home, we talked online and he asked me out. I had felt butterflies in my stomach, but this time it was different. I don't think anyone had been really interested in me that way before.
The first time we met, we walked around in a park and then in the gardens of the local museum. It was kind of a deserted place at that time but extremely beautiful and romantic. I think he tried to kiss me on the very first date, but I felt really awkward and turned my head somehow in the other direction and he gave up soon. The second time we met was pretty hilarious. We decided to see a movie, but the cinema was very far away. We took a cab, but it was a very old car that stopped half-way there. The motor got stuck or something but the taxi driver managed to resuscitate the car eventually. We got there, but since the movie was very popular and we had come a bit late, there were no more tickets. I think we were almost glad. We decided then to walk our way back home and not risk another drive with the taxi. It was very cloudy and we both had these huge umbrellas so we imitated fighting with them, but it was weird and neither of us knew what to do so after a moment of awkward silence he just grabbed my hand and held it into his. I realized I was really blushing but didn't say anything and we just walked our way back home. We almost got to my place but on a whim we realized we better go to some park or something and waste time a bit :)

The park was really nice. There were still flowers in the trees because spring had come so late that year. Since it had rained so much, there were puddles all over and we couldn't quite find a place on any bench to sit. Eventually we found something and just sat there. We didn't talk much I think but the silence was really nice... We talked very little and it was mostly touching hands. I felt this deep sense of innocence in me and young love, something I had never felt before. I realized he wanted to kiss me but still held my head in some other direction... Then I thought I really needed to look at him, that I would be such a coward otherwise. I told myself "Just do it, come on, don't be lame now". So I turned my head and he waited just for that. We kissed and the moment it happened was really special. My heart was pounding really fast and in the years after, re-living that feeling always gave me a sense of meaning somehow.

After a while, we turned back home and kissed good-bye. We dated the whole summer after, but broke up sometime in November. He was a really special person for me, I'm glad I met him...
ayounglearner ayounglearner
22-25, F
Jun 27, 2012