Just Innocence.

I don't consider this my 'first kiss' but in a way it could have been...

I was 4 and the boy was 6. We also had his sister which she was 5. We were all playing Wedding and I was the bride with him. His sister was the priest/marriage person. We all were just playing and joking around and doing the marriage vow stuff that we tried to think we knew. In the end the boy and I kissed for the official wedding.

I still know him now and I saw him last year. We kept joking the whole time and I mentioned that the wedding was the only thing I remember from him and his sister. He laughed and later on asked my dad to redo his vows and we both were laughing the whole time and joking around. We didn't kiss at the time though but we did hug a LOT.
Annabellan Annabellan
18-21, F
Jun 28, 2012