My First Real Kiss

My first real, intimate kiss, was something short of a makeout session, but it was magical all the same. We were just 14 then and we were texting months before we first met, but we knew we had something. on a random saturday morning she said she was visiting a mall close to our place so I asked my parents if we could go so I could see her. My parents were cool and they let me, she was with her mom and sisters at first so I tried to be cool and pretended to whisper but i kissed her cheek instead. a few minutes later her mom and sisters left us alone, so we walked to a secluded part of the mall and we kissed each other, no groping or anything just a real intimate kiss, the kind of kiss that made me feel like we were the only two people in the world, like the whole world went black and she was the only one there with me. I knew that first kiss was special because i literally lost my senses for a moment, cause when we broke our kiss a we saw that a few people have passed us. =D
Flip319 Flip319
18-21, M
Jun 28, 2012