Ive Had 2

Seems weird to say I've had 2 first kisses. A first kiss only happens once, right? Well, my first FIRST kiss was not something I wanted. It happened at a wedding, a boy grabbed me and took me into the car park and made me kiss him. I felt like it'd been stolen from me, especially when I started dating my boyfriend Pa.

Just recently, I went to my cousin's babies baptism. She has twins named Dezia and Thrielle (her name is Thrizia, her husband is Daniel, so they combined their names) and they're 2 months old, and she had them baptized this last Sunday. They had a party afterward where they had dancing, and Pa had come, and we were dancing together. We ended up finding ourselves together in a fairly private corner, and we were talking, and there was a pause and we stared at each other, and Pa leaned in and closed his eyes. I closed my eyes and leaned in and our lips met. It felt amazing! His lips were soft and warm and little electric sparks went over my whole body. We broke apart and smiled at each other and giggled. Then he leaned in again and we kissed again, much longer this time. Unfortunately, my sister Pansy saw us and game over to and told us off! We kissed a third time before we left the party, and he drove off and I drove off with my family. I've not been able to stop thinking about it. I just want to kiss him all the time!
poppyjoy poppyjoy
22-25, F
Jun 29, 2012