"see Ya"

Most girls back when I was in school the 70's had boyfriends or two and certainly had kissed a boy...not so with me...I wasn't much to look at...not built like a cheerleader...or had the clothes of the debs...more like someones little sister...oh ya forgot miss popular's lil sis...lol
But I could flirt with the best...and always took particular pleasure in flirting with Frankie... he could stop your heart with a smile ladies.... I would always lift his comb from his back pocket and thack his backside with it then run off... laughing.... I did have beautiful baby blues and brown hair and a wicked smile of my own I was just shy and unsure....
It was junior year and we were all getting ready to leave for the summer I left my friends just outside the door and ran back to my locker cause I forgot my book I was reading and wanted to finish over the vacation...Well Frankie comes up to my locker and we casually chat about summer plans he leans me up against my locker my back to it... pushes his whole body into mine but sensual not rough and kisses me gently parting my lips with his tongue and his tongue playing a new game with mine... it seemed to last forever... my legs felt like jello and he gentle cupped my cheek in his hand and said" See Ya" and walked away...
He didn't come back the next year his family had moved that summer but wow what a great kiss.
elderwitch47 elderwitch47
46-50, F
Jun 30, 2012