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I laughed when I saw this subject because the situation was so telling. Pam, 38 years ago, we were both eight.  She had a pet skunk, when got to play with her pet skunk, I was in love, then and there!   With the skunk. I'm no expert on the subject, but it's been my experience that girls go through a "tomboy" stage between 8 and 12, for the most part, that is. Anyway Pam and I were pals and we'd run around and get dirty and her mom would get pissed off.  We went exploring behind her house and found a few junked out cars.  We climbed inside one of them and drove around the world a couple of times. Sometime between our adventures, she found this miniture souvenier baseball bat, one of those little wooden ones.  She said something like "let's kiss and stuff", and I was typical," nahh, I don't wanna do that""  I can't remember the details but her voice got a little louder each time she suggested that we mash our lips together. I held my ground.  Then she hit me in the forehead and repeated her demand.  I finally said "OK OK, quit hitting me.."  So we mashed our lips together, a couple of times.  We both soon came to an agreement that lip mashing was very over-rated, and went back to driving around the world or to the moon or something like that,., at least she never hit me with that bat again.

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Perfect. Just perfect. lol

Thank you ever so much!

Best First Kiss Story I Have Read By Far! thank you it gave me a smile all the way though.

Thank you very much!

I call 'em, like I see 'em and well I had to say it, just had to. Still mashing lips i hope. Did you stay in touch or reconnect with Pam ever?

Actually no. My family and I went to Mexico, and then settled in Arkansas and we lost touch.

Think you could track her down these days? I bet she would just die to see the guy she MADE kiss her, Maybe not but I think so. Worth a shot I say.

Yeah. My life or Facebook might have some clues....

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LOL, this is the sweetest thing I've read on here. Oh, to be young again.

That is HILARIOUS!! The way you portrayed was perfect. Very "transporting". Thanks for sharing ! that was a good laugh :-).

Nuh uh! It's GIRLS who do that.

I loved this story! Boys at 8 are certainly not into 'mashing', but girls can be! I have 2 girls... and I am just white knuckling the day of their first kiss...sigh... oh to be young again......


wow that's great..