Live, Laugh, Love.

I was fifteen. The scenery was almost too hippy to be true. A sunny afternoon with friends, sitting in a little circle on the grass along a river, talking and laughing, enjoying the sun, life, while passing a joint. It made me feel comfortable, what I rarely was around him. Well who's he, the sixteen year old mystery man? Well, I met him at a cafe, he asked for my number, said he thought I was beautiful, and wanted to see me again. So that's pretty much how h it went, we met with a couple of friends for two times, to somewhat get to know each other, until the day by the river. His friend was pushing him, 'come on man just do it! Just kiss her!', and so were my friends pushing me: 'come on, let it go. Go lay a litter closer, come on.' And well they got what they wanted. He kept poking me at a certain point, and we got in some kind of a playfight in the grass. I stood up, he kind of jumped on me to make me lay back down, and lay himself next to me, staring to watch my reaction to every move he made. I didn't mind, I really didn't mind. He stared into my eyes, and suddenly when I looked away, he swiftly kissed my cheeck. I didn't do anything, I was just enjoying the moment. Then he slowly started to bring his lips closer to mine, and just started kissing me. A slow, long and romantic kiss. I wont forget him, or that day. It's a part of my life I'd like to remember.
DreamyAlice DreamyAlice
18-21, F
Jul 1, 2012