I Was Stupid

So hi. First off, i want to say I am a really shy, quiet, fourteen year old girl. I do consider myself pretty nerdy. I'm the smartest kid in my grade and take advanced math. I listen to a lot of classic rock and kids think I'm weird for it. A lot of people have called me emo and goth and it has hurt my feelings so much. I also have a severe issue with self-confidence, and truly believe I will never have a boyfriend. So about three weeks ago, I saw men in black 3 with some kids from school. The boy sitting next to me texted me, asking if I wanted to hook up. Well, I was shocked. Someone wanted to kiss me, a nerdy fat ugly girl who everyone thinks is emo? How could someone possibly like me? Well I said yes, and we made out four times. It was a very awkward kiss and then a bunch of my schoolmates saw and made fun of me. This girl who I am friends with texted me that I was extremely rude and she was never gonna talk to me again, and then I realized she was the boy I kissed's ex-girlfriend from a long time ago. It was then that I realized the only reason this boy kissed me was to make his ex jealous. I felt so embarrassed and walked home from the movie crying. The ex told all of my friends that I had kissed the boy and they all think it was wrong of me to have kissed her ex. So now all of my friends hate me. I should have saved my first loss for someone I loved. I regret everything. It was probably my last kiss I'll ever have, too. Everything about it sucked. :'(
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Don't worry girl, it'll be alright.<br />
There are a lot of kisses yet to come for you, and they will be way better. <br />
And with love. :)

Aw thank you so much I hope so :) &lt;3