My First Kiss <3

I still remeber my first kiss I was 15 and he was 21 it all started like 3 months ago wen his older brother told me that he loved me and wanted to know if I would give him a chances by that time I didn't really like him way before that I did had feelings for him but he went out wit my older sister so I was like f*** it. But wen they didn't work out so my sister call it ends. N then later he wanted to be wit me. Anyways here how's the story goes we were at this party n sum how the whole entire time I wouldn't stop looking at him I I'm a pretty shy girl n very quiet so we didn't really talk anyways at sum point in the party I move to were the dj had set up n was recording this singer. Then outta nowhere he comes beside me n starts talking to me saying if I wanna dance n I'm a bad dancer n was like no thankz I can't dance n he put his arms around me n this man toke a picture of us. Then he started talking but I couldn't really hear him he then ask me to go outside were is quiet n was like sure. So there I go outside. That's wen the story get good so this boy was leaving to a different country like in the next too days.n he said u know I'm leaving n I was like don't leave but then everytime he ask me give me a reason not to he would be getting closer and I would be stepping a little back that's until I went back n the side of a car but he would be getting more closer until he was so close that I couldn't move anyways I didn't wat to either anyways he ask me one more question he was like give me a reason to not leave that's wen I said cause I. Like u I didn't even finish wen he comes forward n boom my first kiss and it was a. First French kiss to we were making out for maybe like 2-or 3 mintues n from that point I finally felt wat ppl be saying at butterfies n ur stomuch it was the most awesome experience moment of my life. And until this day he has my heart he the love of my life story if it was long :)
march2711 march2711
18-21, F
Jul 5, 2012