Winterline Has It's Benifits (;

Alright, so it all started in spring break when I realized I've really liked him. "Him" is my best friend (for a year), Ben. We were both in winterline so we have competitions every weekend. At our last competition (2 weeks) I couldn't really go with his school because it was POURING. So later I saw him and started hugging and I said "I'm not letting go" and he just chuckled and said okay. Then we had to go and they got second blah blah blah. We met up later, just the two of us, alone at night. We were talking like friends and it got silent so I looked down then at him and he leaned down (He's like 5'7" and I'm 5'3"?) And planted one on me. At first we just did a simple peck then it escalated to one of the alternating lip kisses and he placed his hand on my lower back and pulled me closer. I put my hands on his neck. (We were in a spot where no one could see us, *if* anyone passed by) We came up for breathe everyonce ina a while and he whispered, "I've liked you for so long". Before I could say anything he was kissing me again. It went on for like 10 minutes. We stopped and just looked at eachother until we heard his drumline pass by, He said, "Have to go" with a soft sexy voice. I said, "Okay" and gave him a peck on the side of his lips. We walked in different direction and I'm glad because then he would have saw the stupid grin on my face(: The whole bus ride home I kept thinking about it and him and was still smiling, even giggling. A week later at our last show case we hung out and later when he left he texted me, in french, "our" language, "I'll love you till the moon continues to shine". And he wrote me a poem. He's amazing, and he's not the type who just jumps from girl to girl and just says things with out meaning. I was his first kiss. Wonderful memory
yatril012 yatril012
18-21, F
Jul 5, 2012