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I was 12 years old and my boyfriend of like 2 weeks said he'll pick me up and we'll go to the dance together! That friday he and his mom came and picked me up! I was so excited and couldn't wait to have fun! We got there and we danced and stuff danced with our friends but never seemed to be more than 15 feet away from each other. After about 20 mins, he grabbed my hand and took me outside in the courtyard. It was dark outside but u could still see.There was already about 15-20 people already out there but we still managed to find a bench away from everyone else! The walk was like 2 mins of silence but it seemed like 20 mins! We finally got to the bench and sat down and I asked "what's wrong?" He said "nothing, I just wanted to spend some time with you alone" I thought that was really sweet! We were flirting, laughing, and just having a good time! We were still holding hands, he sat sitting facing forward and I was sitting on an angle with both my legs over his lap. He didn't seem to mind. It was quiet for about 5 seconds, and the we made eye contact. It was kind of weird but we both started laughing at the same time. We made eye contact again except this time, there was no laughing! We both leaned in and went for each others lips! It lasted about 10 seconds! I could tell when we were kissing, he was smiling and I started smiling to! His lips where so soft and warm. When we were finished we looked into eachothers eyes and started smiling but we heard about 10 people say "aawwww" and we turned around and they they were! Standing at the door watching us! We started laughing and then we went back inside but we still didn't let go of eachothers hands until that night when he dropped me off at home, when we kissed again!
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never forget our first school dance in 8 th grade but we had shared our first kiss a few weeks before that in a toy store looking at paper dolls<br />
and over the next few years we would share many other things <br />
<br />
the look on the other boys faces as she walked intot he school dance holding my arm and that pick long dress with a singal strand of Pearls we had bought for the dance