A Long Awaited Kiss :)

I was meeting my long distance gf for the first time since we got together at the airport. we had met before but we didnt have an interest till later. I told her i would kiss her at the airport numerous times but i didnt. we hugged a long time and i kissed her on the cheek but no lips. That night we cuddled and watched movies all night. We went to her room to go to sleep and i just layed next to her and put my head down. she asked me in the sweetest voice ever "baby whats wrong?" i told her i wanted to kiss her but i was scared. she told me that she was ready. but i was still scared so i put my head down again. then after a minute i jumped up, pinned her to the bed and we kissed and madeout for 3 minutes or so. It ended up being the last time we saw each other because we mutually decided it was best if we stayed friends. To this day we are still best friends! we talk all the time about everything and we video chat and we are closer now than ever. its better than i couldve ever imagined :). She is the only girl i could ever imagine having my first kiss with and its something that is nothing short of perfect :) im still trying to find a way to meet her again...someday
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18-21, M
Jul 12, 2012