It All Happened When I Really Needing To Use The Bathroom During A Game Of Truth Or Dare.

My first kiss is definitely something, a memory I could never forget. No matter how hard I'd try, it's completely inevitable to me.

I had just turned 14 and the guy was still 13. We were in grade eight and we've had a secret crush on each other for a year and a half or so. One day, the guy and myself and 2 of our close friends decided to go to Valleybrook, a park/playground area that was just a couple minutes away from our elementary school. We decided to go and hangout there for a while, until my friend's parents were to come and pick us up. We ended up playing a classic game of "truth or dare". One of the truth questions that was asked to me was "who do you like?". Obviously to rewrite that question, it would be "who's you're crush?". I've been in denial for the longest time of who my crush was until that very day. "there's no one that I like" I responded and they went on with the game. But, before anyone could know it, and me being myself, I had to use the bathroom at the worst times. One of my friends house was just across the street from the park we were at and he suggested, him and I go over to his house so I can use the bathroom, on one condition. I have to kiss Josh. That was the guy. We gave each other a look as if we were unsure if we should go for it or not. We've always texted each other, secretly, about how we would go in for a kiss. Make it all perfect. But I had never thought it would end up being like this. I couldn't hold it in much longer, so they all looked at me, and i said "fine". We went to another location of the park, and we slowly went in for it. It was about 2 seconds or so, but it made both of us smile so big, it was unbelievable. His lips were perfect. So soft, and his arms around me were the most comfortable thing. His eyes shinning so green, and his cheeks blushed red. He was the most adorable thing to me.

Before we left, we were sitting on the slide, where we kissed again to say goodbye. I still remember his smile after that. And that was probably more perfect than the first one. But nothing beats the relationship we held that summer. The summer of 2010, was the summer about us. It's sad to think that all we've got are the memories now. People get in the way of your relationships. Don't let them. Because, Love is the closest we have to magic . Remember that.
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