Caught Me By Surprise.

She and I had been playing with each other for hours at that point. I was 15, she was 13, and we'd been play-fighting over a panda slipper as an excuse to touch each other.  We'd only met that day, mere hours ago, but I was rapidly liking her more and more as the night wore on.

Says an awful lot about me that she was frequently pressed up against me or even straddling me and I was wondering "Does she like me as much as I like her?"

I still remember the moment so vividly.  I'd spent all night thinking about how much I liked her and how much I wanted her, but I was so new at all of it that it literally never occurred to me to do anything about it.  She was on top of me, again, and I was staring up at her, just appreciating how good she looked silhouetted by the light behind her, when she suddenly leaned very close. I thought she was making a grab for the slipper when I felt her lips press against mine.

My shock was instantly compounded when I also felt her tongue push into my mouth.  I remember thinking "Oh, ok, we're doing this. This is actually happening."  She broke it off and I spent the rest of the night with my head swimming, unsure what to do. We kissed twice more that night, each as passionate as the first and she even claimed I had "Addictive kisses."  Looking back, I actually think my inability to form a coherent thought helped me, since I couldn't overthink my technique and just copied her step for step.

We eventually went to bed (I was visiting a friend and she was visiting his sister) and I had to leave before getting another chance to talk to her in the morning, but that moment--her smell, her weight, her silhouette, the exotic sense of experience she had even though she was younger than me--is still with me.
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That's bloody adorable. ^_^ And sexy at the same time.