Short, Sweet And Simple

It was jordon and i's second official date, I am 14 and he is 15. We went to the movies with my friends who sat separately to us. Just before the movie started he gave me a small bag and told me to open in, i refused like I do and said that I told him not to buy me anything from his recent trip to Sydney, i opened it and it was a silver locket with green paua stone on the outside I thanked him and hugged him from my seat, and we stayed in that position for most of the movie with his arms wrapped around me, this was new to both of us. We spent the movie talking, laughing, smiling and cuddling,( we are both very talkative people :P ) just as the long waited for kissing scene in the movie approached he turned his head toward my face and kissed my forehead softly, then he looked into my eyes, leaned in and kissed my lips in the softest way, it was short but incredibly sweet and It was a first for the both of us. I rested on his shoulder, afraid to look into his eyes incase he didn't like it as much as I did, after About a minute I said "oh my, my heart is beating so fast right now", and he smiled and kissed me again, still soft, sweet and simple then said "any better?". It was the greatest day of my life so far and we are still going strong <3
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lovely story x

thank you :) x

sorry it wont let me add you huni, age restriction x

Aww that's too bad, but thanks for the nice comment xo

no probs, x you can add me if you want tho

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Hhahaha he's similar to my love :) he has those exact moves.. ;D give him all ur love he deserves it! Cute couples.

hehe i most definately will ;) thnx! x