Late Bloomer

So, haha, yeah, I'm a late bloomer. 15 years old, and my first kiss happened less than a month ago. I had been to a camp several times, and each time, the same girl was there, year after year. Beautiful, to say in the least. Well, I was lucky enough to go out with her, our very compatible relationship beginning within the first few days of at camp. To get into the story, we were all circled up at the last song of the first dance. It was "lean on me". Standing and swaying next to her, hand on her waist, when all of a sudden, everyone in the circle begins to "awww". It was a shooting star. This girl and I made strong eye contact, and she says "Make a wish." Without another word, I lean in towards her, and we kiss. I kissed her later that night again, and it has been a great relationship since.
HStonehock HStonehock
13-15, M
1 Response Jul 17, 2012

That's a really sweet story! But really, you consider 15 a late bloomer? xD