The Romantic Roof

(the names of the people in here aren't actually there real names)

It was a saturday afternoon and i was at Williams house. we had been friends for over three years now, well best friends actually. i din't really like him but i'm guessing he liked me. it didn't really bother us since we sometimes liked each other as lover and other times as friends. we usually didn't get into a fight when this happened which i guess is a good thing. anyways he told me he would bring me up on this roof because it had a great view. we climbed up his house up on the roof. the sky was orange and very beautiful. he lived in the country side in the middle of a farmers field. there was also a little airport next to his house for small airplanes. every five minutes or so one would go by. it was quite a romantic spot and so he decided to be romantic with me. he kissed me right there with no explanation. me as i was shocked (i didnt really like him at the time and he knew it) i just stared at him then i started to laugh. i think that was the wrong thing to do because it probably made him really uncomfortable. after when i was about to leave i told him i didn't like him as he would wish me too. i wish i could like him because hes such a nice boy but what could i do?

there we go thats my story, its kinda silly but whateva :)
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May I just say, that you are a terrible person

hahaha yes yes i know