Young "love"

I still remember it. She was 15 and i was 17. She was my little brothers best friend and he had a huge crush on her. She and I had been secretly dating for about a year. One day when she was over she suggested we all play hide and seek. I went and hid in my attic knowing no one would ever go in there. I hadn't even thought about trying anything with her out of fear of my brother finding out (the only time i saw her was when my brother was around too). She had seen me go in so she followed me. We sat in the dark for a few minutes just cuddling and holding each other, when i looked down at her. She was looking right back at me. Our eyes locked for about 30 seconds as our mouths moved ever closer to the other. Our lips met there in the dimly lit attic and we embraced like never before. I still remember the taste of her lips, the smell of her skin and shampoo. We stayed in that attic for about 30 minutes just making out. To this day making out is one of the greatest sensations I have ever felt, and i long for a chance to do so again.
SicKThEory SicKThEory
18-21, M
Jul 20, 2012