First Kiss/second Kiss Remembered

I remember I was sitting on my bike in the front yard of my girl friend. She had two guys that lived next door and the younger brother liked me. We were about 13. Him and some of his friends were on their bikes also. I remember him pulling me close to him and giving me a kiss. I was so very shy at that age. The kiss was ok, no fireworks, no bells, but ok. One day I was over at my girl friends house and she wasn't home yet. The older brother called to me. Good looking guy about in his early 20's. He asked me in, that was stupid I know, but he was my boy friends brother = right. lol Well, he sat down on the couch and pat the seat next to him so I did. He said, I understand Olan, his brother, kissed you last night. I was shy and said yes. He said let me show you a real kiss. Wow, did he ever. That is the kiss I remember. I did have the good sense to say I had to go and ran out of there. He was probably laughing but WOW! Today I am a very passionate woman, passionate kisser for sure, always think of that second kiss, not the first one. lol lol That is where experience comes in strong. lol
redheadedjane redheadedjane
61-65, F
Jul 20, 2012