Victor Was His Name

I was in year three at school and I thought all boys were yucky, my best friends name was Olga and her and I thought boys were the enemy that should destroyed, but then there was Victor.
Victor he was the worst he would follow me throw thing at me call me name and this woudl really upset me.

Then one day the boys had taken over the field at school how dare they the girls wanted to play on the field why should the boys have it to play soccer, Olga and I walked over to the fild and stood in the middle of the field and demanded they move!!! we were shouting at eacht then Victor approched me and said "just leave be quiet" "no, make me" Victor walked towards me and I was ready for what ever he was going to do next. I was ready for the battle ready to fight this monster that was coming to attack me.

Then before I knew he did the worst thing the unthinkable the enemy had kissed me!!! the enemy had crossed the enemy line and kissed me on the lips BANG!!! it all happened so fast so quick it left me in shock surprised and Oh the shame all the other kids were laughing at me, making kissing noises I ran off crying the enemy had won.... This battle but not the war!!!

I went up to Victor in class and asked "why did you kiss me?" becouse "I love you and I am going to marry you one day" he said again the children were laughing at me!!!! "no you will and not I will get my revenge this is not over I will get you back!!!!"
The next few days were hell at school everyone knew of the "kiss". Then like God sent it happed my sisters and I stayed home after school after our mother had told us to come straight home, we stayed and played baseball with the girl. Then my preyers were sensered the timing was right the moment in time was set... the warm afternoon was perfect for revenge my sister standing at the back of the field waiting for a long ball to come her way. The pitcher made eye conctact with the batter the moment of glory had come. Ready to pitch she sent the ball flying through the air, it was a nail bitting moment as the batter hit the ball high accross the air, "mine" shouted my sister as she ran back wards to catch the ball not realising how close she was to a ditch and before we knew as we held our breath my sister had dissapeared fallen in the ditch. she was crying out in pain all the girls and I pulled her out but her arm was broken. My moment for revenge had come.

We took her home and mom was fuming and asked what happened I quickly responded that some boy had pushed her down the stairs. The next day mom went to the school where I singled out Victor and he was crying begging me to tell the truth. I never did that was my revenge for the "Kiss" . Victors father gave mom ducks to make up for what his son had done he was punished at school and I also then found out his dad beat him.. he had an abusive father that beat him, for my lie for my first kiss. Victor never picked on me againg he never even spoke to him, I tried and tried to get him to pick on me again but he never did. I moved countries at the end of that year and I have not seen victor seens so I have not seen him for over 20 years but I still think about my first kiss all the time. One day I will go find Victor and apologise but not just that I will ask him to give me another kiss for I must admit I did enjoy my first Kiss from Victor.
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That is SUCH a beautiful story

I just stopped to ask myself if it's cuz U R such a beautiful woman, but I honestly didn't think of you as U R now while reading: your words inspired a vision of you & he at @ the same age that I first fell in love

Barb was always top of the class & I was always 2nd

The game remonds me of a game of rounders our crowd played in the quiet street outside Woodchurch C of E Primary School

Barb swung the bat with all her wiry strength & the ball hit me in the throat, making me cough & choke

Barb thought she'd killed me & ran home - just a few yards - crying

Even right at the time, we all found it hilarious

Barb was a sweet girl, but any time she got mad, she'd go right for da throat

There was one side-splitting day when 'The **** Of The School' - a bully - came crying down the school steps, clutching his throat & blubbering, "She strangled me!"

No-one needed ask who

Da funniest bit of da Barb story was that, just as I was madly in love with her, she was madly in love with Patrick

My crazy Irish mind decided to prove to Barb that I loved her more than he did

So she & I made up a game

I'd say, 'Bet ya can't strangle me with my top button fastemed .. with my collar turned up .. with one hand .. ya left hand .. upside down' - (when I was lain down sunbathing & she'd knelt by my head to block my rays)

Guess ya can call her a truly breathtaking beauty, eh?


She had to move miles away when we were both 11 & I never saw her till 10 yrs later, I got invited to her wedding, where her older cousin took a shine to me & got off with me by dancing in a way no-one has ever danced since: she was half Navajo

Carol was the 2nd best gf I ever had & sure taught me a lot: she was 27 & a single mum of 2: I was 21

i like your story. the way you wrote it. the story itself and how you expressed it. it was cute but had meaning

Thank you .. I was an evil child :(

Every child is innocent. That's what made the story cute!
Who was evil was the father!

Hey thank you that is true I always felt guilty but I actually had never thought that it was not my fault his dad was abusive, but still I never should have lied :(