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Parking Lot

When I was 17 I was with one of my friends she was 15 and we had a small crush on each other. We are both Nigerians and we would always see each other at our parents african partys. 

She was a friend with benefits, the only problem was our parents and my little brother, her sisters and a few of our friends. My parents hated her, her younger sister hated me, her older sister didnt trust me at first. and
my little brother and his friends always laughted at us.

I'm not not gonna lie though, she was not the best looking girl because when ever I looked at her I literally saw her dad, because she looked just like him (only with long hair and a girl voice). I didnt care because she was friend of mine and I try not to judge people by thier looks.

Over the years we known each other, we would hold hands, lock elbow together, take walks around the building our parents used for the partys and meet ups, and talk about our problems.

We soon started to get all touchy  when she first slapped my *** and I took it to another level (but thats another story).

Its a month before my 18th birthday, we were just hanging out with my brother and his friends, and we decided to go some where else away from them when I started talking about never having a real kiss on the lips.

So we whent deeper into the parking lot and found a big black SUV to lean on. She leaned in to me and started to kiss me when I felt her tongue go into my mouth and I pulled back.

I was nervous and a bit grossed out so she slowly did it again I was able to keep up, it lasted two minutes and after we stopped we hear one of our friends cheering us on.

I soon got a job and wasnt able to go the partys a lot and two of our friends and I did something to **** her off so she went from being bisexual to a lesbian so that killed the friends with benefits.

We are still friends on facebook and we still se each other every so often.

Elijahx Elijahx 18-21, M Aug 3, 2012

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