Quick Short And Sheepish...!

My first kiss was with a someone I had been 'going out with' on and off since the age of about 6. We went to primary school together and he was my first love! I was 10 and the particular day in question had been a regular school day, we'd maybe learnt some maths, possibly some new literature, a bit of french (doubtful!),had lunch, played Cops and Robbers and British Bull Dog. Then when the final bell went my friend came up to me and said that my 'boyfriend' wanted to meet me at the top of the playground. I was scared, no I was terrified. I knew what was coming and I was worried I wouldn't do it right. He was waiting by the benchs, kids were running around whilst their parents chatted and although they weren't paying any attention to us I felt like everyone was watching. He looked sheepish and just as scared as I did, it was probably a dare. I walked up to him, said hello with my head and down and before I knew it he had kissed me on the mouth and then run away shouting 'See you tomorrow'!! And that was that...it was over, my first kiss - not the best (we were only 10) but I still remember every bit of it!
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Awww thats so cute =)

That is adorable!!!!!<br />

Now thats funny but kidna romantic too.

That is sooo cute ^__^