My Cute First Kiss <3

So, I was 13 year old and he was walking me home. We live in a neighborhood of beautiful houses. It was December 3rd and the ground had a thin layer of snow on it. There also a slight snow fall. We spent the day at his house. It was a very cold day and we were drinking hot chocolate and watched a movie while we cuddled by his fire place and roast marshmallows. (he wrapped me in a home made blanket :p) so anywho he Was walking me home at around 10:30 so there wasnt that much traffic. The sidewalks were slippery with a thin sheet of ice so our hands were locked through our mittens. A big burst of wind came and my scarf flew off and so did both of our hats. We laughed, put them back on and continued. Our boots crunched on the snow underneath us and it slowly started to get a little bit colder. He wrapped his arm around my waist and we continue to walk. We turned onto my street and continued laughing and talking. As we turned to go up my driveway, he slipped a bit and almost fell. I caught him by the arm and we both laughed. The only lights came from street lights, stars and lights from peoples houses. Near my house spelt of cinnamon because my mom makes candles and has candle parties to sell them. I hugged him goodbye then turned to reach for the door knob. He grabbed my arm, spun me around and kissed me. His lips tasted of peppermints and it lasted about 5 seconds. Nothing gross, like tongue or making out, just a sweet kiss goodnight. I'm 15 and we're still happily dating.

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We're both 15 and still together <3