I Couldnt Of Asked For A Better One

Well we were watching a movie in his guest house. We had really liked each other for a few weeks. It was around black Friday I remember. He was saying all these really sweet things that were making me blush like crazy! He told me how adorable I was when I blushed. I had been wanted to kiss him all night but didnt have the guts too. I finally leaned up a pecked him on the cheek. He turned, grabbed my face, and kissed me on the lips. Right after we both opened our eyes, with smiles a mile wide. He looked right into my eyes and told me I had a beautiful smile. Perfect moment and we talk about it all the time until this day<3 I love you Seth!
BeautifulDreamsxoxo BeautifulDreamsxoxo
18-21, F
Aug 17, 2012