I Felt Like I Was In Heaven

So when I was 16 I kind of knew a Slovakian girl who was 17 and she worked in a small nightclub.I saw many other guys going to her and talking to her so I was like ''I stand no chance'' but then my friends were like ''Go man,talk to her.Where is your courage?''.Since we knew each other very little I started off with how is work and then I introduced myself.After a little of talking I left and I saw other guys still going to her and talking and still I kept telling myself I have no chance.Then later I see one of my friends telling the girl something on her ear which made me jealous.Later I wen to her and bought myself a drink from her.We talked for about 2 hours until the closing time came.Only now she was different than earlier that night.We kept on seeing eachother ofr about a week after that and 1 night she was off but she likes going to the club where she works and I saw her there.We talked,drank and laughed for about 3 hours so we quite drunk.We did friendly hugs and kisses inside the club and then we walked out of the club hugging eachother and walking.When we walked a little further from the club I told myself ''Now is your chance,go for it no matter what happens after'' so I turned her towards me,looked into her eyes and slowly brought myself close to her and it happened.It lasted for about 5 min.It felt sooooooo good and I want to kiss some girl again so bad because its an amazing thing.
Djosa Djosa
Aug 17, 2012