It Happened A Long Time Ago

ok.. so when I was less than legal I began taking confirmation classes through my church on saturday mornings..

the church was on the other side of cleveland which required me to take a bus downtown, catch a train, then another bus to get there.

this one particular morning, I was riding along in the back of the bus minding my own business when these two guys got on clearly still up from the night before.

They wreaked of alcohol and just looked dirty. but they chose to crowd around me in the back. There werent that many ppl on the bus so there was plenty of room but they chose to crowd me in . I was used to it.. it happend often so I dealt with it. just became "small" and ignored them.

this particular morning wasnt like the other mornings tho.. cuz these two dudes chose to talk to me and ask what I was doing, where I was going, blah blah blah.. I was vague with answers trying to dead end the conversations, but they kept on.

making fun of my going to church on a saturday morning, and how I was dressed got a rouse out of them.. they started to engage me in pokes and jabs in a fun kind of way and I figured ok.... humor them.. joke around a bit... let them have their fun...

as the one seemed to stand in front of me so my view was totally blocked to the front, the other sat beside me and kept nudging me with all sorts of dirty jokes and stories of thier night before.

eventually the questions came.. have I ever done it with a girl yet, done this.. done that.. finally he started dialing the questions in.. have I ever seen a guys *** before... ever touched another guys. *** or let a guy touch mine..

it became clear the guy standing was growing hard in his pants and I couldnt help but notice.

that was when they knew I knew and it all really started. he pulled his pants open and let it pop out so all could see even tho I was the only one who could!

the guy sitting took my hand and forced it over on his lap where I felt his erection through his jeans.. I tried to pull away but he held me there.

he started using my hand to stroke him.. while the guy standing started stroking his in front of me. I didnt know what to do, so I did nothing and before I knew it, the guy standing shot his load on my shirt. the guy sitting next to me finally unzipped and opened his jeans to let out his hard member and put my hand around it ... started stroking intensly... just as I felt him grow huger than I ever knew a guy could at that time, the guy standing pushed my head down toward it. I resisted but it hit me in the cheek a couple times and thats when he shot his load on my face and cheek.

they left as suddenly as they showed and that was the end of that! now I long to feel *** again. i am married and wish my wife would cheat on me, bring someone home who would make me do that again!

I ********** often thinking of scenarios of that happening in various ways.

im sick right?
piston123 piston123
41-45, M
1 Response Sep 6, 2012

Well not realy but it would of been scary as well as exciting no wonder you still. like to play that out again thanks for sharing