Not As Special As I Wanted It To Be..

It was the summer I was 15 years old, yeah I know, probably pretty old to be having a first kiss nowadays huh? Girls have lost their virginity by then! But I had never really even had a real boyfriend, I had only just "talked" to boys because I'm always pretty picky I guess and it's not like I chase after them, I like to just let things happen. Anyway, a teammate of mine just wanted to hook me up with her boyfriend's friend because he was getting over some other girl. So I went to a movie with them, and we hung out after that. A week later we hung out again, drove around with another couple and we were in the back seat. He held my hand asked if it was alright, & sure I said yes. Then at one point he just kissed me on the cheek & asked if that was alright too, I didn't mind and then he kissed me again, and we started making out! That was it, I felt like a bad kisser because I didn't know what to expect, it was a lot more tongue than I had anticipated, and maybe he was just a bad kisser because it wasn't as awesome as I had thought it would be..but then we texted for a week or so after that, and then he kind of started talking to ex again, & I was over him since I didn't really "like" him that much anyway, I was just hanging out with them all to see if I would like him..but it's all good now because he's dating my best friend who isn't even a relationship kind of girl, but it's not even awkward, we all get along and hang out sometimes too! Just kind of funny!!
WhatsOnMyMind WhatsOnMyMind
18-21, F
Sep 10, 2012