First Real Kiss

I'm embarrassed to admit that I was 17 by the time i got my first real kiss. xDThis is the first time I've mentioned it to anyone other than the guy that kissed me aha! I have to say that the entire moment surrounding & during it was memorable :)
We were hugging, which was still a little awkward for me(not the touchy type). He was telling me of things he'd like to do before he died(we often chatted of deep subjects), I thought he had finished & we were silent for a while, then he pulled away a bit and said "There's one more thing," I looked at him questioningly & typically asked, "What's that?" he smiled that odd smile I adore & just planted one on me. I vaguely remember thoughts like: 'What the?', 'Is this happening?', 'God, I hope this is real', 'Oh crap, I'm supposed to kiss back!' & 'Am I doing this right?' race through my head till I realized I should just relax & enjoy the moment. lol After, I couldn't face him for fear I'd done it wrong, so I buried my face in his chest, blushing away as he giggled at me, but accepted my embrace lol
So..there's my
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you loved him..?

Yes, and I still do.

Amazing ..:)

In a way. [:

SUch a wonderful experience :)

That's way cute

haha thank you ^-^