Too Shy

HE was my crush since i was in freshman HS.
he was a in a soccer team.
well, me i was a bookworm.
he hung out a lot with his friends after class.
me, my dad or mom always picked me up at school (i told you they are strict)
he was outgoing.
luckily, i got honors every quarter
little less of chances did i get to talk to him or even got even nearer.
but he was the only guy in my HS my heart beat fast for. (so HS)

it was my senior year when we were into the same class.
and i got a little less shy.
i was the editor in chief in our school paper
and got the chance to get near to him coz i had to make a write up about the
soccer championship game he was in.
it started there. lol.
and the same year, i got my first kiss. it was his' (AW)
so innocent then. haha gosh.
it feels awkward. how my eyes were open while  he kissed me.
his lips was so soft.
and all the moment i froze.
that is all i can remember.
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Sep 16, 2012