Perfection In A Kiss =)

It was April Saturday 29th.  It was sunny and looking like a brilliant weekend, i was going to the Give It A Name festival at the arena in my city.  Before we went inside we saw this guy that most of us liked and bought him a cheap ticket together so he could come with us.  I spent most of my day just talking to him and loved how we got to spend some time alone as two of my friends had to move seats, before we snuck into standing.  I remember how he had gone to phone a friend and i followed him because otherwise he might not have got back into our block, as his ticket was at the other side of the arena, and on the way back in he said 'You look really nice!' which was the nicest thing a guy had ever really said to me.  When we finally snuck into standing it was still mainly just the two of us, i barely spoke to my friends that day.  He came up behind me one time and put his arms round my neck and pulled me back so i was leaning on him, and left his arms around me, it felt so right.  We spent most of the day just stood in the bar with our arms round each other and it was great!  Then when we were sat on the floor i tickled him and he squirmed around, and as he was lying on me, i moved as well.  We were both lying on the floor, very close to each other.  Then he leaned over and kissed me.  It was perfect! But then the security guard stopped us and told us to move.  Hmmm oh well.  I still remember that day really well, and even though we didn't go out, as he chose someone else, i'm glad that we're really good friends!

So all in all my first kiss was lying on the floor of my first festival with one of the most amazing guys ever (i still stand by that opinion) and it was heaven

denialsworld denialsworld
18-21, F
Dec 20, 2006