The Thing Is...

See now, the thing is that I remember my first kiss. It was my pillow. It was purple and fluffy. My second kiss was my hand. There just wasn't any chemistry, so I broke up with them. Ha!
Well, the REAL thing is...I've never been kissed. I'm 14 in Freshman class. I'm looking for the right guy. I've got my lips sealed for someone I set my heart to...but only if he knew.... <3
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

I know the feeling about sealing your lips for someone. i am too but she is in 7 th grade, and i'm in 6th grade. :(

Yeah. I understand your pain. At least someone understands, right?

yea but i am going to ask her to come over to listen to the new three days grace album in a week or two. but if she says no it will be awkward so thats the problem

Lol.. so cute :)

Ha! Thanks :P