The First Kiss That Didn't Count.

My first kiss will be a story I will never forget. It is also one that for years, I claimed to never have happened. I didn't even count it as my first kiss until recently, well over a decade later.

It wasn't your typical first kiss. I hadn't been madly in love with the boy for years. In fact, we had only met a few times.

I was thirteen years old, he was fourteen. This was a BIG deal to me.

I remember how he looked, although I never learned his last name (until recently when I spoke to a mutual friend and tried to look my first kiss boy up on Facebook.... to no avail.) He was the first boy I ever liked with long shaggy hair, a preference I still hold close. Although, he was a blonde, first and probably last I will ever kiss. Taller than me, probably around a whopping five-foot-four at the time. He had hazel eyes (I think) and a rough around the edges look. What can I say, I liked the bad boys.

My best friend, Sue, and I had met our friend Stephen at the nearby amusement park that day. Stephen had brought along Rick. Oh Rick. I have so very few memories of him, but I remember that he was a cutie.

After we were done at the amusement park, I invited everyone back to my house, probably without telling my parents. It was only about a fifteen minute walk. Sneaking up into the tree-house, we sat around, bored and curious.

Sue knew I liked Rick. She knew I thought he was the hottest thing since a Texan summer. He and Stephen and half of the amusement park probably knew too. I had been gushing about him all day, following him around, checking out his cute butt.

I'm sure that's what led her to suggest a game of truth or dare. I don't remember any of the other details, but when she dared him to kiss me, I about died. I blushed a million shades of red, and then, in a non-characteristic moment of confidence, said "okay, sure." and leaned over to give him a little peck.

I shut my eyes, imagining the moment I had dreamed about. I waited for what felt like an eternity, the butterflies flocking inside me, my heart racing. I felt him lean in, his breath warm on my face, his hair brushed against my cheek. I braced myself, went for a little peck on the lips. It could have been the start of my first real relationship. Could have been the moment I had fantasized about for years. Could have led to much bigger and better things for both he and I.

However, none of that happened.

This was obviously NOT his first kiss. In an attempt to impress Sue and his friend Stephen, Rick went full steam ahead for a french kiss....and ended up licking my face like a Saint Bernard. I'm sure the look on my face when I pulled away in shock was hilarious in hindsight. Absolute mortification. I may have even wiped my lips and the surrounding area off with my hand.

Rick's reaction was to jump over the wall of the tree house, landing in my yard about ten feet down. I don't remember anything after that. I wish I could get in touch with him and thank him for one of the best first kiss stories I have heard. Rick, if you read this, get in touch.
OnceThereWasAGirl OnceThereWasAGirl
22-25, F
Sep 19, 2012