My Very First Kiss<3

Well it started off well, he invited me over to his house,(we wernt dating yet). So after school one day i got on his bus and we went to his house. On the bus he put his arm around me and held me tight. We we arrived at his house i met his mom and we went down to his basement. We sat on his couch. We started to watch a movie i dont remember which one. i was too in the moment<3 During the movie, we wernt talking or anything and he just randomly leans over and kisses me! we didnt make out, it was a sweet kiss. It was my first kiss<3 After that he asked how i liked it. i was still shocked so i dont even remember what i replied. He put his arm around me again. After the movie was over, we sorta made out, there was tongue but not too much. He was carfull not to pressure me. it was so sweet. we sorta kinda layed on his couch. we wernt completly lying down. it was sorta in the middle... he pulled me closer and gave me a very passionate kiss. we made out but it was still very passionate<3 he never let go of me. he held on tight. i still love him even though we have broken up after 2 months 3. He was my first kiss that ill never remember<3
MyNameIsJess MyNameIsJess
Sep 20, 2012