I was 16 I had dated the guy for 4months when I was 14 but we broke it up because I was a people's person and he was the jealous type. We didn't speak the whole of our 15th year then when I turned 16 he inboxes me on Facebook. I was shocked at how happy I was. So we met up a few times then one day at a football game we sunk out into the school corridors which were empty. We were holding hands then he turned to face me, he said I was blushing and I felt shy. Suddenly he started shaking(out of nervousness) then out of no-where a security guard came and we got into lots of trouble. After a month he officially asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. One day I was at his house and we grinded and got really physical but when he leaned in to kiss me he got vomited, it was really gross and I was so angry. A week later at a friends drink up we went into one of the dark bedrooms and just cuddled, as we leaned in someone opened the door-I was going home. So I left. It seemed like it just wasn't meant to be. Then at a concert we went outside to talk (it was at night, and it was our 6th month anniversary for the second relationship.) then I asked him about his first kiss and he confessed that he had never had one. He said he wanted me to be his first but there were too many people outside. At a friends party we were dared to make out but I didn't want our first to be in public. Then we went to camp. One night we snuck out with some friends for a night swim, it was awesome. Then we swam away from everyone else, we weren't to far but some trees covered us. We were standing water level just under my chest (he is taller) I put my arms around his neck and he hugged me with his hands just above my butt. It was a clear night and there was a full moon, I blocked out the sounds of my friends splashing and finaly it happened. It was so cold but his body was soo warm. After 8months-we finaly had our perfect first kiss :) it wasn't long and didn't have tongue, well there was a little but I don't regret it-the wait was so worth it.
Booglez Booglez
Sep 22, 2012