When You Least Expect.....

I was on my phone and nothing was going on, so I was gonna put it down, until I got a text from Noah, this guy, who I hated. I couldn't stand him. Anyway, when I read it, it said " Hey Brook, wanna come over my house to finish up our project? " oh yeah, we were working on a project together as well, sadly. So anyway, I replied back " Sure see you in 10 minutes " I got my books and my stuff, and walk out of my house. I then turn to my right and walk down a couple of more streets. Then, I stop in front of a tan meduim size home. I walk up the steps and ring the door bell. I really was not looking forward for this. As my train of thought was ruined, I see infront of me, the guy I dispise the most, Noah. He then says, "Hey, come inside". I replied, as I walked into his house, "Let's get this over with, and finished this project? Okay? Okay. " I follow him upstairs to his room, after my remark about " getting this over with ", his facial expression went from happy to serious. When we went inside his room, it wasn't what I expected from a boy my age. It was so clean, neat and actually nice for a boy. He then sat on the floor, where our project was, so I sat down as well. After a while of awkward silence, as we are working on our project, he ask's " Can you pass me the paper? " with a very cold tone, so I replied " Why being so harsh? " him saying " Cause you hate me! " me replying " I dont hate you, well, that much. " I felt kind of guilty for what he said, I mean, yeah I dont like him, but him saying it out loud kind of hurts. He then says " Well, just to let you know, " he redden's and look's away " I dont hate you. " me saying " Oh, you don't? " as I look down, fiddling with my finger's, he then tilt's my head upward's and says " No, I really like you Brook " he blushes while chuckling, then I see him leaning toward's me with his big brown light honey chocolate eyes, and I knew exactly what was coming next. I then felt his soft red lip's touch mine, so softly, with such tenderness, and at that moment, he gave me my first, kiss.

P.s. after the kiss all my hate for him left.
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

Aw, this is so sweet!

Thanks! I love your stories. (:

Thank you! I'm so happy I have Harrison with me, he's literally my soulmate!