Truth Or Dare

My middle school pod was going on a fieldtrip and of course, my crush... My boyfriend... My bestfriend... My first! Was in the same pod as me. So we were on the bus on our way to the hiking trail (our fieldtrip) and we hiked up together with our friends. We got to the top and hung out for a while (I may point out that my boyfriend an I were very shy towered eachother, since it was both our first relationship but we were heading on our first full week of dating and started opening up more this day) then hiked back down. My boyfriend an I and our friends all together at the back of the group it was awesome. Next our fieldtrip was headed to the beach, where we had freetime for the rest of the day. All of us played truth or dare, the awkward game, and hug someone. Truth or dare for the most of it. So my boyfriend and I got dare to hold hands and it was our first time... We were right side by side, hands locked an talking. Anyways, our next dare was to kiss on the bus back home. So on the way home of course me and my boyfriend sat beside eachother. We couldn't stop laughing each time we got closer to eachothers faces! Then one time. It happened. It was short and sweet. His lips were soft. We both felt a spark. We both had just had our first kiss. It was amazing, no matter how short it was. I'll never forget my first kiss, my first handlock, my first everything with him.
JaydeR JaydeR
Sep 25, 2012