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At A Teenage Party

i think i was aout 12 at the time, we were all bored and decided to play a game where u had to kiss the person next to you .wasnt i lucky as the boy next to me hapened to b someone who i had fancied for ages, he was called alan. So when it came to out turn we just kissed in front of everyone it was a wonderful xperience, very exciting, didnt go on too long, but that was the start of us dating and many kisses afterwards. the next day i had abig heart written in chalk outside my house saying ALAN LOVES PRETTY FLAMINGO, no thats not my name lol!! i scrubbed that off pretty quick in casemy parents seen it. and we dated for quite a while after that.
prettyflamingo prettyflamingo 41-45, F 7 Responses Oct 6, 2012

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Just curious....since you were exploring so many parts of your life and having innocent fun at that time, did he help you get rid of your cherry?

no lol!

Is there a story about how that happened already posted? I didn't see one.

Didn't you play 'Kiss Chase' at school? we did until it was banned!

werent you lucky, dating at 12, wow! i liked your story very much.

oh thank u well i had alot of freedom good innocent times

You are quite right there

Ah that is sweet......

i think ur first love always is

Nice story.


Alan was a lucky guy... did you ever seen him again after childhood? Oh wait... he's right here. And he says Hola! lol

aha i met him again at a business course iwas doing and he did pursue me but i wasnt interserested by then. going out with a punk rocker who was much more exciting