Wasn't Great

my first kiss was with my first boyfriend. we were in middle school, and we were really shy. it took a month for us to have our first hug! ...and five months to have our first kiss.

it was pretty scandalous. i wasn't allowed to date, and wasn't really able to go out with friends, unless my mother knew them. of course, i devised a plan... my sister would make an excuse and would pick me up late that day.

well we were at a local pizza place, hanging out with some friends, and there weren't enough chairs for all of us, so some of the girlfriends had to sit on boyfriends laps. which was okay. lol.

he sweetly kissed my cheek, and i turned my head to kiss him. it lasted a soo long and we just got lost in the kiss. my friend had actually knocked his soda cup over and soda spilled all over the table an onto everyone, including me. ...but it took a little while for me to realize it. we stopped, and i got mad because the soda spill was definitely intentional.

i actually had a difficult time writing about this experience. i still think about this guy and it really bothers me. i hate the fact that i miss him. i can't stand it. he wasn't that great of a boyfriend. especially not at the end. i almost don't want to remember my first kiss.

hallokitteh hallokitteh
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1 Response Jul 13, 2008

the first person you ever have feelings for usually stays in your head for a long time even if its at the back of your mind.