Halloween Sugar

The first time I kissed a Girl was Halloween Night 1978. I was 13 years old and me and my Buddy Jeff , had been invited to a Girls house for a Halloween Party.I can still remember how the air smelt that night , like fallen oak leaves , wood smoke and Snow.To this day that smell will get me thinking about my Youth.Well anyway, in those days Kids walked, parents didn't drive you anywhere they dint have to, so the party being in range we started our trek. Jeff had been given a pint of Tango{ remember that stuff}so along the way we drank some of the vile liquid. I have Know doubt that imbibing a little of this tripe x tang added to the Magic of the evening in my memory of the event.We got to the Party about Nine pm and found that there were not not many people there, but that those at the party had been drinking a couple cans of colt .45, it does not take much when your all of 13.So everyone was feeling pretty mellow and gregarious, so we mingled  and laughed and listened to music on the bright yellow 8 track combo cassette am/ FM entertainment cube .I had not gone there with any intentions of meeting any girls, really just to hang out with some kids my age, being a only child I dint have the company of siblings so any excuse to get out of my house was a good one.My buddy was trying to cozy up with Edith who house it was.I began to notice in my innocence that things were really strange there and then I found out why Edithe's parents were not there in attendance and the Baby sitter was the one who had brought the Colt .45 and she was passed out on the living room couch. I wandered out side to the backyard and in my slightly inebriated state I walked right through a big pile of Dog crap along the rear doors walk way. So being very embarrassed I tried to wash my sneakers unnoticed with the garden hose, when all of a sudden I felt a presence behind me, I turned and thats when i saw here. Alison , I didn't know Her name yet , but I soon would . In a beautiful low timid voice she said " can you help me I walked in Dog Poop and I don't want anyone to see. I replied back, "sure I will " I can still see here Standing in the light of all the jacko lanterns with her bare feet . I took her sneakers and washed them off and handed them back to her.After she laced back up she asked me What was I doing back here alone to which I replied " well I stepped in the Dog Poop to and I dint want anybody to know either" we both laughed and Giggled and then in the light of that  Halloween Moon "  she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big kiss on my 13 year old Lips" and said thanks and giggled so cutely and asked my name, I gave it to her she gave me hers. she took my hand and then we walked back into the party.And for the rest of the night I felt like I was on a cloud of Helium, just floating above it all.And that was my first kiss.

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What simpler times, what innocent times. I'have to say my first jus was probably 12 years after that and not as monumental but I totally can feel the vibe of the atmosphere you paint. Great job bud!!!

i'm still waiting for my first kiss. that is sweet of a grown guy to remember that. sooo romantic lol :D

Oh my god i remember my first kiss!!!!!!! With my brother aww xx

Lol i loved my first kiss but i wish i could say it was as amazing a story as this one.

Thay was cute! So you both stepped in the poop, see you were destined lol, do you guys still talk?

That was a cuute story! And you both stepped in the poop lol. You were meant for eachother! So whatever happened to the young lady..do you both talk still?

such a cute story! (:

This was soooo beautiful! So much like my first kiss - I was 13, too. The memories, the memories!!

Great Story!!!! 8')

woooooooooh!what romantic you are.it's a right adorable story.

woooooooooh!what romantic you are.it's a right adorable story.

awww, that is a totally adorable story, and so perfect for this time of year! thanks for sharing :)

aww that was cute. I really don't remember mine...maybe because it wasn't so memorable LOL

AWWWWW That is sooo cute xD

awww <br />
and they called it puppy love<br />
just because were 17 lol<br />
<br />
13 i know but thats how the tune goes

That was very sweet, The way it should be: )

Thank you all very much for your praise of my story. You know, there are a lot of things in my Life I would change if I could, but my first kiss would not be one of them.

thats really adorable how that happened.<br />
and kinda funny that you were buzzed.<br />
wish my first kiss had been like that.

Your story sounds like the format of so many others! I love that you remember it so vividly. Seems there is nothing more poignant than that "first kiss". Mine was way ack in the 5th grade. We snuck behind the bleachers of the high school football field and he sweetly kissed me. I think my heart was pounding out of my chest. I felt sure he would hear it....over the years, we remained friends, while we shared that one experience of being each others "first" kiss.

Awwee that's so cute! I wish I had been born in your decade, it seems like it was so much more fun.<br />
But yeah, your first kiss was definitely better than mine. :X