A Cold Night...

This is one of the memories that I can remember from the top of my head... i was 13 years old and I remember it was a cold winter night, me and my older sister were hanging out with these 3 boys who were my friends. The one boy, Edwin, had a crush on me and we just started to date, he always got all excited to see me, hug me, kiss me he never talked once bt sex and that's what I loved about him and I'm glad he was my first boyfriend...well I remember that was my 3rd night hanging out with him, everyday after school almost me and my sis and her bf would go to the park and hang out with 5 other boys, it was like a gang ,but we had no name, and this brought me and my older sis to stop fighting..of course all of us smoked cigs and bud...but we had a great time...so back to this one night..I remember it was like 7pm and extremely cold so edwin took his top jacket off and gave it to me to wear and we all chilled for alittle about 8 pm me and my sis decided to go home before we left I gave my jacket back to him and he hugged me tight and then it was like magic when his lips touched my lips...sparks went through my body and it just lifted me if I could re live that moment everyday of my life I would be in heaven...
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i hope mine is like that

Lol noo you don't it was too quick I loved the moment but everything just happened quick

i just want to be able to have a moment like that.

Yeah the funny thing is though I cried to god the night before I met him and asked to give me a bf and the next day I him its like your life is planned out



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