My First Kiss - Captured By Pic!!!

Ok ok.. I dont *remember* my very 1st kiss, but my mother captured it on film! And I posted it for your enjoyment... It looks like I was a good kisser even then! And I wasn't about to let that boy get away! (Look at how I grip his jacket lol)

But I do remember my first french kiss... so I will share that story.

I was about 10 years old, and I was visiting, with my parents, some friends of the family, and they had 1 daughter, and 3 boys. The boys were older than us girls, with the youngest boy being a year older than I was. The oldest brother was about 6 years older than me.

I was such a little flirt, even at that age, and I had the biggest crush on the oldest boy, but (obviously and thankfully) he thought I was too young for him, but he 'dared' me to kiss the younger brother. I shrugged it off as though I was a 'pro' "ok, Ill kiss him." i said with a grin. and the middle boy says "wait!" and told his younger brother to come here, and he whispered in his ear.. (I know now that he told him to FRENCH kiss me... which, honestly, I never had an idea about)..

So, the kid walked up to me and I leaned forward with a soft smile and puckered up, wanting a nice kiss. He hesitently leaned forward, and grabbed my head and stuck his tongue in my mouth.

I was NOT expecting that, and quickly I pulled away and had this look of WTF??!

And all the boys, even the one who kissed me, just started cracking up.... then it made me laugh and it was a really funny moment... even though they were mocking me all night about never having had a french kiss before. lol

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We all have our first time. Tours sounded fun.


that is so cute and funny : )

Thank you.


lol Thanks :P

Hahaha awwwww....such a cute pic and funny story! That's funny that you can tell you were a little horn dog from your earliest years :-) me tooooo!! those are the cutest chubby cheeks I've seen in ages (on both of you!). So adorable!

lol Thanks =)

Your lucky, my life was great but is now crap :(

Thanks. Life is great at times, and at times its crap. Life is an ebb and flow, abundance and little.... remain calm through storms, and know that the sun is not gone forever.. it's only hidden. *hugs*

Woow What a beautiful Life...

Yea, I had a nice early childhood. :) Thanks!

Lol, you started early :)

I know right!! =)

hahahahaha!!! how cute is that pic lol xx

Thanks =)

I remember my first kiss. I was 6 years old and we were living in a Veteran's housing project in Jamaica Plain. A bunch of the little girls in the neighborhood started chasing a bunch of us and if they caught someone, they'd kiss him. After running for a bit, I decided to see what a kiss was all about so I let the prettiest little girl catch me - Yucky bad breath kiss! P-tooie! No wonder I hated girls when I was a teenager(actually, they scared me)
One more story - my first and only French kiss from a guy - my friend, Dicka(actually his name is Ricky, but he used Dicka to impress the girls). It happened in the mid 1970s. Dicka was a very touchy, feely type guy who usually, playfully(?) cornered women and came on to them(my wife said it actually bordered on sexual abuse/harassment). Anyway, he came up to me, hugged me and I assumed he was going to give me a peck on the lips, when all of a sudden - TONGUE! PeeEwe! Boy was I surprised!! Yechy! Oh well, he was high on ludes and he was Dicka - and he never did it again. We're still friends to this day.

My wife always told me that I was a great kisser(back in the days when we actually kissed) Maybe we should get together and. compare notes? - for scientific reasons, of course ;)

lol, interesting and candid story! Thanks for sharing =)

Hahahaha! Surprise ninja tongue.

lol!! yep!


Thanks =)

Well it seems like everyone enjoyed it, I am glad it was a good experience.

Yea, it was funny, so all good =) i can laugh at myself a little :P