It Was With A Girl Named Shannon :-)

She and I had been friends for quite a while when this happened. I had already known her brother for some time before I actually met her.
She and I decided to kiss one day, and honestly, I don't remember exactly why! :-) But we hid behind something, and kept kissing for, I don't know, several minutes? I knew she enjoyed it as least as much as I did, and if I wasn't sure during a kiss, she'd ask me "Why didn't you kiss me"? She was about 7 years old, and I was about 8 years old, at this time.
I remember those kisses SO well! :-D
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Sweeet post. i remember mine VERY well.

You'll have to tell me yours, too, Sweetheart! :-)

want me to tell you first? hehehehehehe

YES, I DO! :-D

Back when I was about8 myself, Had my 1st bf VERY early. How's primary 1st grade?

WOOOOOWWW!!!!! Boy, and I didn't have what I considered my first serious girlfriend before High School!
Oh, well, it WAS sweet kissing Shannon! ;-) Sa-WEEEEET! :-D

Developed THAT very early too. Not that serious. we didn't date or anyaning.hehehehehehe He did come to birthday party and sat beside me! Got pictures of it.

You'll have to send me at least one when you can, Love! I GOTTA see that. :-) Hehehehe

seriously, eyeing you . why do youwant to see that?

Just curious about what you looked like back then, and what he looked like too. Is that so bad?....

not at all. ehehehe looked at old pictures to make sure how old I was. skiiny lil thnig with short hair and cat glasses(me!)Scott had shorter hair and his ears stuck out! STILL wanna see them?

YES I DO!!! Hehehehehehe! Love you, and wanna see you both as young'uns! ;-)

hehehehehe Can't believe you want to see that. Such a sneak!

So when you gonna send me that picture? :-D

Cn't forget it???? hehehehehe ok, you sneaky guy! I want to see pictures of you as a young'un too!!!!! Sahweeeetttt!

You will, but I'll have to copy them from Mom's photo album. She has 'em all.

Can't wait to see them.... so precious!!!!! hehehehehehe outside fishing, playing with bats.

Well, she mostly has pictures of me in other pursuits. She never had a camera when I was fishing, and she would have RUN from me playing with bats! She's scared of them! LOL! :-))
She does have several of me as a baby, and from my teen years (I took many then, myself). I'll have to send some, soon. ;-)

Awww that would have been sooo sweet to see barefoot JW fishing!!! hehehehehe You want to take me fishing. Haven't done that in years. Wanna see as a baby lil tow head. hehehehesweeeeettttt!!!! kisses

:-) Actually, I was very rarely barefoot when I was a boy! Didn't really get started until I was teenaged, then REALLY revved it up as a man! How about that, now? Haha! :-))
Yes, I WAS a towhead, too. My hair was actually white for my first several years of life. :-)
Yep, wanna go fishin' with YOU! :-D We'd be a nice- looking couple on the shore, I KNOW! ;-D

tY, WE know it! I would look funny fishing though...Haven't done it for a loooong time...:

Ah, once you've learned how to, you never forget it. It's like riding a bike, in that way....:-) Besides, I'll remind you how to. ;-)

tY! wanna catch a WHALE !!!!!!!! We could handle it...hehehehehehe

A WHALE???? I don't live by the ocean, Love! Hahahahahahahahahaha! :-))
A BIG fish, yes! Maybe a bass? Or a BIG Bluegill?
YEEEESSS, WE can handle it! ;-D *fishing, joking, and kissing, hugging, and tickling each other* Heheheeeee!

wild life and fish will be eyeing...US!

Oh, YES, they would be! :-)) Hahahahaha! ;-)

waving them on...go on about your business, wildlife.

That comment REALLY made me LOL, Darling! :-)) ;-D

wildlife eyeing grouchy ter bear. Thought I was 1 of them. hehehehehehe Loved your pictures sooo much.KISSES!!!!!!!

I LOVE your pictures, too, Sweet Ter- Bear! KISSES!!!!!!
Them aminals better NOT think you are one of them! YOU are MINE! ;-D Hehehehehehehe!...

animals getting closer, want to be friends with 2 such sahweeet people. oxoxoxoxoxoxox lotsa lovin' for you! Love your pictures too!

LOVE YOU LOTS, Darling! Always soooo happy to share pictures! SWEEEET! ;-D

Aw! Friendly animals- how sweet! ;-)

Love you lots too!!!! Love to share my silly pictures with you! Animals nuzzle TICKLISH TERRY!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha Tickles!

Hahahahahahahahaha! They're after JW, too! :-)) Tickles like feathers! :-D
Love you more every minute I live, MY Darling! :-*

sweet lovimg animals like our silly laughs! nuzzle nuzzle NUZZLE!!!!!

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