First Kiss At 21...

As I have been reading everyone's stories, most people have their fist kiss at about 13. I waited a little longer than that. My first kiss was about a month ago and I am 21.

Kissing has always been scary to me. Dating at all has been scary to me. I've gone out with plenty of guys, but whenever they want me to make some sort of commitment I freak out and run away. Then along came a different kind of guy.

We had been going out for a little under 2 months at that point. He has invited me to kiss him on our first date, but I informed him that I don't kiss. As we continued to see each other he continued to try to get me to kiss him, but I am stubborn. He would kiss my hand, then my cheek and my neck, but I didn't let him close to my lips.

One day we were sitting on his bedroom floor talking and he began kissing my neck and face, he kept getting dangerously close to my mouth. I then realized I didn't mind him this close to my face. I wasn't as scared as I had been of other guys leaning in. I was still turning away from him when he stopped, looked at me with a smile and a twinkle in his eye and said, "I'm not going to stop!" A second later I tilted my chin up and my lips found his. I think he was kind of in shock that I'd given in. I got limp and he pulled my head to his chest and held me there. After a minute we both got our bearings and he kissed me again, this time like he wanted to. Man, he is a fantastic kisser!
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This is actually a lot like mine. I have you beat by just one year...mine was at age 20. We had had some "makeout" sessions in the car, if you could consider them that (like you, we never would actually kiss on the lips, mainly because I had a specific plan for when and where I would kiss her). Later on, it was just a few days before my planned first kiss, and we were lying in bed together, having another "makeout" session, kissing each other on the cheeks and neck, and finally, she just said, "Why don't you just kiss me already?" That was possibly the biggest turn-on I'd ever heard from her, so I dove in and did it. I'll never regret it was magical!

My goal is to get my first kiss and hopefully then sexual encounter before I hit 21. I have 11 months.

Wow... that sounds like it will be a really personal and romantic experience =P not.

Of course it would be personal and romantic. I think you're overstating the actual act of intercourse a little. It's not going to be some amazing life affirming experience. It's just boning.

Maybe that's what it is for you, but for me it is something much more.

If sex means that much to you, I think you have certain priorities out of order. No offence, everyone has different life goal really. Just my opinion.

Well my priorities line up with the Bible, because I am a follower of Jesus....

I don't thunk.Jesus would put sexual intercourse on such a pedastal though.

You'd be surprised

How many times did Jesus have sex? I would have imagined he concerned himself with higher things and wasnt a slave to his carnal desires.

haha oh this is too long of a conversation for here

That seems like an indifferent brush off. Very telling. But fair enough.

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I didn't have my first kiss til 21. We were walking by the water, and there was a bench. We decided to sit down, and I went to kiss her cheek, but she turned right into it. I was scared at first, but kinda comfortably scared.

Everyone's first kiss should be like that

That is so sweet. That makes me feel better not to rush these relationships because im just as socially awkward when it comes to romance. But i hope the love lasts.

Definitely don't rush it! Wait till it feels right... then wait a little longer just for the anticipation =)