My First Kiss... Yeah It Was Nice.

I remember my first kiss like it was yesterday.
Me and my friends were all hanging out and suddenly this cute guy comes up to our group and starts talking to his friends but he doesn't know me so they all introduced me to him.
We talked about things and he asked me a bunch of things on where I'm from and how old am i, just normal stuff.
Then we all went to sit but he sat on my lap and called me his wife.
It was funny. He had a good sense of humor.
a few hours past and it was almost time for me to go, we talked a little more and i was thinking 'damn, i like him'.
he wanted to speak with me privately and we did, we went around the corner of this big building and he said that he liked me, and he was about to kiss me, until this guy that likes me found us and ruined everything. But when i left the guy that i like said to me that i never said bye to him, so we shook hugged and he kissed me. It was really cute. Now we have been together for about 6 years and we are getting married.
badonk badonk
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012