The First Kiss Of My Lips :*

It was November 12, 2012 when I have my first kiss. :)) I was 14 and a 3rd year high school student.
In front of our school is a mini-canteen, and every afternoon I go there with him. <3 My special someone.
We go to that place because we are hiding from my friends, because they dislike him so much. :/ (Back to the story) It's time to go home because it's five o'clock in the afternoon. And we should be home before 6 pm.. before we go out and bid each other good bye, I gave him a "power hug". And  BTW I can read his moves, whenever he is trying to kiss me, I keep on hugging him. :P LOL Okay, I really don't know how to kiss. :P but what he really did is he closed his eyes, hugged me and kissed me, i didn't move for 10 seconds... I can't breathe.. I can't move, I don't know what to do.. it seemed like the world stopped. :O Wewh..!! He kissed me again, and for the third time I closed my eyes and kissed him back... after one minute I realized that it was against my vows. I gave my first kiss, but he is not my boyfriend. I promised myself not to kiss someone who is not my boyfriend. And after 4 days, finally he became my boyfriend.. :">
October 17, 2012.
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Nov 26, 2012