My first kiss was probably the most unromantic kiss ever. My boyfriend at the time and I had been going out for about a month. We had gone to to the mall shortly before. We both attended a residential school for visually impaired students, and stayed in dorms. I had back to my dorm and so did he. Our dorms were in the same quad. Also in this quad was a trash room near the art room. We were waking in the quad and stopped to talk to some friends. After they left we stood there for a minute. Suddenly, he leaned in and kisses me softly on the lips.
I am no longer dating him, but I definitely won't forget him.
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Good point. That sucks. As far as m parents know I've never kissed anyone. lol

Thats not so bad. My first kiss was a deal breaker. The kissing was hot but stupid parents got in the way. Consider yourself lucky.

Well, it was quick and wholly neither of us felt much of anything. Unfortunately, that's how it all was for me.