My First Kss

I was twelve........ No thirteen. Anywho I went to a Church lock in with my friend. I had no idea i would find love. Well this is the story :)

After everyone had arrived, We gathered in the sancuary. I was very shy and didn't know anyone, my friend left so i was with no one i knew. This Cute as HECK red head walks up to me. He is slim with freckles and a cute accient that i didn't know. He was a backwoods kid that you could tell. He had big muscles. He said


"Hi" I replied

"Daltons the name, u got one missy?"


"Well Kaylyn, What are you doing sitting out here alone?

"Don't know no body"

"Well just jump on in there, come on" He said as i followed him to where they were playing. Well we went about the night. He would do things to drive me crazy He would wink at me and touck my lower back, and my leg. I know what your probably thinking about me now, but i was so stupid and inexperienced. Anyway. Later on that night. He got me alone on the stairs, no one was around, no one was there. He looked deeply into my eyes, closed his, leanded in and kissed me. I was a mixture of fear, enjoyment, and excitement all in one. We kissed a fev more times secretly in the halls but i still talk to him <3
Countrygurl1999 Countrygurl1999
13-15, F
Nov 27, 2012