Dream Come True

I had a crush on my best friends big brother for a year. The fact that he wanted to cuddle with me was just amazing! When he asked how far I'd let him go when we cuddled I confessed I had never done anything before. I know he's not a virgin so we weren't really on the same level.
I did everything in my power to stay the night again at their house. I had gotten into my pajamas already and my friend and I were sitting at the kitchen table. I had to go up to her room to get something from my backpack (You have to go through his room to get to hers).
When I got back downstairs he texted me saying "You should come back upstairs for a second just say you forgot something (:" So I went back upstairs and sat next to him as he wanted. He asked if I wanted to kiss and I nervously said "sure". Well he turned to me and got close to me and put his lips on mine and slipped his tongue in my mouth. A lot of people I know who have kissed like that said their first was gross but it wasn't. I suppose it would have been if I was his first kiss as well.
BittersweetHarmony BittersweetHarmony
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Thats cute the first guy I kissed I broke up with himm the next day. did you ever stay in thouch?

Yeah, we recently got back together. We've never been commited to each other though, neither of us want to be in a relationship